Sunday, May 24, 2015

Items, that change your life

The event that changed my life the most was playing soccer. I am really committed to it and so is my family. Every week I had a soccer game and my dad always came to watch me play. Nowadays, I feel happy that I could achieve my goals and more important that I had the chance to live my dream, even though it was only for 2 seasons. 
On my first season in HSV we won the league in the second highest Under 16 devision ( U-16 Regionalliga Nord), witch meant that we were promoted to the highest U-17 devision in Germany, the U-17 Bundesliga. By the beginning of that season our team provided us cleats, we could choose anyone that we liked I knew that these cleats that I am going to choose will be my partner in that season so it took me a bit to get one. By the end of the day my choice was clear, I got the Nike Mercurial Vapor 8 White and Blue. 

These cleats were my first ones to play in the professional youth. I certainly believe in that I developed my style of playing in these cleats. In general I had a great season, with scoring 7 goals and assisting 13 goal in 24 games it was the best season that I played in my life and in the whole season I didn't change my cleats. They were my Partners in the great journey. I practiced in them my free kicks. I learned in them how to play not only for, but also for the team. 
that is the reason how it become my personal artifact. Where ever I go, where I travel to, these cleats are always in my bag. I could never give them away. I tried in my Mercurials better and better. I know I bought them because I liked the way it looks but with the time it became for me an very important Item. It has so manny memories on it, so manny goals were scored on them it just impacted my life. for me these are not just simple cleats, they are my lucky charms. Every time I hold them in my hands it remembers of the good times, it remembers me of soccer, of my passion.  My Nike Mercurial Vapor 8  has impacted my life and many ways 
and I am very grateful that I received these cleats.  Everybody has one item with memories, one item with emotions. Everybody has that personal artifact that impacted someones life. What’s the one in your life that has impacted you?

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